Do you accept returns?

All returns made within 30 days will be refunded by issuing you a store credit. This store credit will be a coupon code that you use valued at your purchase price for the item. For our full return policy check out our Terms and Conditions.

Do you offer gift cards?

Currently at this time we do not but we do intend to add them down the line.

Do you ship to my country?

Currently we ship to 36 countries. See our list below:

–   Australia
–   Austria
–   Belgium
–   Brazil
–   Canada
–   Denmark
–   Finland
–   France
–   Greece
–   Hong Kong
–   Hungary
–   Ireland
–   Israel
–   Italy
–   Japan
–   Luxembourg
–   Malaysia
–   Mexico
–   Netherlands
–   New Zealand
–   Norway
–   Poland
–   Portugal
–   Russia
–   Saudi Arabia
–   Singapore
–   South Korea
–   Spain
–   Sweden
–   Switzerland
–   Thailand
–   Turkey
–   Ukraine
–   United Kingdom
–   United States
–   Vietnam

When can I expect my item to arrive?

Shipping times vary by country.

You can expect your order(s) to arrive in 12-3 weeks in most cases. This will vary depending on your country and can be shorter/longer. Keep this in mind if you’re ordering for a specific date like a birthday, holiday, anniversary, etc..

Brief overview of average shipping times by location:

10-20 business days: Australia, United States, United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, China

15-25 business days: Norway, Denmark, Sweden, South Africa, Japan

15-30 business days: Everywhere else.

What if my item arrives damaged?

Oh no! That wouldn’t be good. If for some reason your goodies arrive damaged, reach out to us and we’ll make it right. Shoot us an email at: support@harlemandcompany.com and put “DAMAGED ITEM” in the subject line.